Stainless Steel widely used in different Industries

Steel is considered as the special material that can be used for many purposes in homes, factories, construction and many others. There are infinite varieties in Steel which consists of numbers of alloys of carbon, iron and many other components. The modification of the steel can be done with the help of various mechanisms and treatments of heat. The versatility of steel is of great importance because it is possible to make adjustment in the composition and the internal properties of the element. The content of carbon in steel varies between 0.002% and 0.21% and the value depends on the components such as manganese, nickel, and many others. An alloy consists of high percentage of carbon content which is dependent on the other components content and also referred as “Cast Iron”.

Architecture & Construction


Stainless steels are flexible, strong and easy to work with so their different forms are widely used in construction industries. The range of forms in which they can be moulded, shaped and rolled makes it perfect for the creating of beautiful, stunning buildings. Euro star Terminal at Waterloo and PETRONAS Towers in Kuala Lumpur are best examples of architectural usage of steel.

Surgical Equipments


Stainless steel is widely used in the field of medicine. They are used to construct things such as surgical and dental equipments, operating tables, kidney dishes etc. Stainless steel can be easily sterilised and won’t corrode making it the ideal substance to be used in the field of medicine to fight infection. Pins, canulae, steam sterilisers, scalpels, forceps, surgical chisels are also made of different forms of steel. Pins and plates to join broken bones and joints are also made of stainless steel.

Chemical Industry


The chemical and pharmaceutical industries deal with substances which are dangerous, toxic and highly corrosive. Therefore, their components, pipes, storage tanks are constructed from high grade of stainless steel. Due to its high strength, super duplex stainless steels are used. It minimises the need for welding as it can be produced in large sheet forms. They are also used to store energy in the form of heat as they have the capacity to withstand temperatures makes it ideal in the construction of power stations.

Best usage with Water

There is no other metal that can be as good as stainless steel when it comes to dealing with water. Pumping fresh water, storing drinking water or storing waste water, turning sea water to fresh water or whatever, stainless steel is the natural material of choice since it won’t rust or corrode. Duplex stainless steels are used as can handle heat and high salt levels.

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