Ministry of Steel


The Ministry of Steel is under charge of the Minister of Steel. The Ministry is responsible for planning and development of iron and steel industry, development of essential inputs such as iron-ore, limestone, dolomite, manganese ore, chromites, ferro-alloys, sponge iron etc. and other related functions.

Vision, Mission and Objectives of Ministry of Steel

Transforming India into a global leader in the steel sector, both in production and consumption

Promoting policies and initiatives for attaining a national steel production capacity of 142.3 million tonnes by the end of Twelfth Five Year Plan. Streamlining the regulatory environment particularly for mineral policy and environmental clearances, promoting the development of infrastructure required for enhancing steel production. Boosting domestic demand for steel through promotional efforts. Improving technological capacity, techno-economic efficiency of operations of steel industry.


  • To facilitate creation of steel making capacity and growth in steel production.
  • Ensuring adequate availability of raw materials for steel industry from domestic and overseas sources,articularly iron ore and coal by PSUs under the Ministry of Steel.
  • Improving the performance of Iron & Steel industry through R&D and Technology intervention, Quality Control, Export Promotion and Improvements in techno-economic parameters.
  • Promoting the development of infrastructure for enhancing steel consumption.
  • Monitoring performance of commitments made in the MOUs and modernisation and expansion programme of PSUs.
  • Finalisation of New Policy Initiatives
  • Creating and updating a comprehensive data base for various segments of the steel industry.
  • Assessment of the skill gap and follow-up action points for bridging the gaps.
  • Proactive steps for environmental enhancement and pollution control

Key Functions of the Ministry of Steel

  • Development of Steel Plants in Public and Private Sectors, the re-rolling industry and ferro-alloys.
  • Development of iron ore mines in the public sector and other ore mines like manganese ore, chrome ore, limestone and other minerals used in the iron and steel industry (but excluding mining lease or matters related thereto).
  • Providing a platform for interaction of all producers and consumers of steel in the country.
  • Identification of infrastructural and related facilities required by steel industry.
  • Overseeing the performance of 8 PSUs, their subsidiaries and one Special Purpose Vehicle (Joint Venture Company) called International Coal Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (ICVL).

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