Essar Steel: First Indian company to develop bullet proof steel

EssarSteel (ESIL) has introduced bullet proof steel and become the first dedicated Indian company with this specialised steel.
Used for bullet proofing of civilian vehicles and that of security personnel, such steel has either been manufactured under restrictive technology transfer agreements with foreign countries, or simply imported into India. There is a good and growing potential for this product as it can be used in light armored vehicles and protective shields or structures. Today, manufacturing bullet proof steel requires a highly specialised technology.
The specialised steel in bullet proofing of vehicles would not only reduce India’s dependence on imported steel but also cut foreign currency outgo with possibility of balancing price quotes.
“This product adds another feather to ESIL’s cap which in known for developing high grade import-substitute steel products. The government has emphasised indigenization of the defense sector and is involving private players under the banner of ‘Make in India’. This excellent success story at ESIL is proof of the organisation’s commitment towards our nation’s ‘Make in India’ campaign,” said Vikram Amin, Executive Director (Strategy & Business Development), Essar Steel.
The newly-developed bullet proof steel at ESIL absorbs the impact of bullets traveling at a speed of 700 m/sec, with barely a dent on the surface. This steel has hardness levels above 500 (Brinell hardness number) BHN and is extremely tough. Ballistic performance of this product was successfully tested in India and in Germany at the Gujarat Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), as well as at IABG, an internationally-renowned German laboratory.
Being the existing supplier of specialised grade steel like DMR 249A grade, a special steel for building warships, from its Hot Strip Mill since 2001, ESIL continues its legacy with India’s defense sector.
After commissioning of its 5 metres wide plate mill with sophisticated heat treatment facilities in 2009, several new grades were developed and the product range for the existing grades was enhanced.
Meanwhile, the company has collaborated with the defense sector to produce grades like CDA-99, EN10025-6-S690QL, very tough steels used in heavy armored vehicles. However, the crowning glory has been the production of DMR-1700, an ultra-tough steel of yield strength 1500 Mega Pascal, designed by Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO). All of these products had been stabilised and commercialised through dedicated in-house research and development (R&D) and operations efforts of its engineers.
The company is well known for its diversified and value added/ niche flat products. Its 10MMTPA Hazira facility offers a wide product mix, ranging from softest to toughest steels made in India. Its products grades include, but is not limited to, cold-rolled induction furnace (IF)-steel used in car bodies, ultra-pure steel for soft magnets used in neutrino research, electrical lamination steel, boiler quality steel, coated steel, abrasion resistant steel and steel for oil and gas pipelines.

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