Steel Plants in India

Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO)


TISCO is located at Jamshedpur at the joining of the Subarnarekha and the Kharkai is along the Nagpur-Kolkata rail line in Singhbum district(Jharkhand).it is the private sector and second largest steel plant in India. In 1907 the famous industrialist J.N tata built up this plant. It started producing pig iron in 1908 and steel in 1911.
The plant has basic open hearth furnaces, acid Bessemer conveners and basic tilting open hearth furnaces for the manufacture of pig iron and steel. With the help of electric furnaces they are making high grade carbon steel which is used for structural fitĀ­tings and tin plates. Besides, it also produces acid steel for making railway wheels, tires and axles, bars, rods, sheets, corrugated sheets, wires, steel castings, nails, nuts, bolts and tinplates. Special alloy steel produced by the plant is used for making bullet-proof armour plates and for armour-piercing bullets. The plant has been working between 84 and 90 per cent of its rated capacity.

Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant


Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant is located at Bhadravathi, India. It is 260 km from banglore in north west direction it is the part of steel authority of India limited. it produces alloy steel and pig iron. On 18 Jan 1923, the Mysore Iron Works was started by Sir M Visvesvaraya the plant covers the area of 3.8 square kilometres. the number of person working in this plant is 2467 as on 01.09.2007. The company had technical collaboration with M/s. Bohler Brothers & Co

Bhilai Steel Plant


it is the sole producer in India. Supplies the product to Indian railways.BSP won 11th time prime minister trophy for the best integration of the steel plant. They also produce heavy steel plates and structural steel.the plant is also specialised in wire rods and merchant products. They produce earthquake-resistant grade and superior quality of TMT. The plant also produce beams and chennels.

Durgapur Steel Plant


the plant was established in the late 1950’s .the initial capacity of crude steel is one million per year. afterwords the capacity was incresed 1.6 million tonnes in 1970. in 1990 the modernisation programme was undertaken in this plant. due to this several technological development take place in this plant and also increses the plant’s capacity to 2.088 million tonnes of hot metal,1.8 million tonnes of crude steel and 1.586 million tonnes saleable steel. it uses state-of -the-art technology quality steel making.

Bokaro Steel Plant


it started production in 1964 and later merged with the sail. the plant is the india’s first Swadeshi steel plant, it uses blast furnace in the production of steel.the first blast furnace was started on 2 oct 1972. the initial capacity was 10 lakh tonnes further incresed to 40 lakh tonnes. the plant gets the iron ore from Kiriburu mine in Orissa and coal from Jharia coalfields. the Damodar Valley Corporation gives hydroelectricity. this plant use the port facility of kolkatta which is just 300 km from the plant.

Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant


the plant is situated at the Chandrapur (Maharashtra). it is a SAIL unit w.e.f 12/7/2011. it is located 166 km away from Nagpur on Chennai Delhi rail line this place is well connected to the other cities in India by rail and road. the installed capacity for TPY Ferro Manganese is 1,00,000 . they produces the product like Silicon Manganese, High Carbon Ferro Manganese and Medium/Low Carbon Ferro Manganese. The Plant is accredited with Quality Assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2008. they uses two 33 MVA Submerged Electric Arc Furnaces for the production of ferro alloys,, Furnace gas based Power Plant, two Manganese Ore Sintering Plants, Screening System and Mechanized Crushing for Ferro Alloys and 1 MVA Electric Arc Furnace for the production of MC/LC Ferro Manganese with Lime Calcinations and Manganese Ore Roasting Unit.

IISCO Steel Plant


the IISCO plant is located at Hirapur(later known as Burnpur)in West bengal. It is the subsidiary of SAIL. IISCO combined With SAIL on 26th Feb 2006 and renames as IISCO steel plant(ISP).IISCO is one of the oldest steel plant in India the plant produce iron from an open-top blast furnace. Iron & steel produced by it has been acknowledged as being of the finest quality. this plant was upgraded to production capacity of 4.26 lakh tonnes of saleable steel and 2.54 lakh tonnes of pig iron annually. The plant produces a large verities of product ,some of which have high demand in the market.

Salem Steel Plant


the salem steel plant is the unit of steel authority of india ltd(SAIL). they supplies the stainless steel sheets or coil of wider width in india. the plant produces different types of stainless steel like ferritic, austenitic, martensitic and loow nickel stainless steel. its cold rolling mill have the installed capacity of 70000 tonnes per year for sheets and coil,cold mill have the capacity of 364000 tonnes per year for the same. its steel melting shop produces slabs of 1,80,000 tonnes per annum. the plant has india’s best quality stainless steel blanking facility.

Rourkela Steel Plant


it is the subsidiary of SAIL also the first steel plant in SAIL. It is the only one plant presently where 100% of slabs are produced through a cost-efficient way.RSP is the only plant which produces silicon-steels for the power sector and high quality pipes for the oil and gas sectors. its quality products ranges includes various tubular, flat and coated products. it is the first integrated steel plant in the public sector in India. the RSP is setup with German collaboration. The installed capacity is 1 million tonnes .afterwards the capacity was increased to 2 million of hot metal.1.9 million tonnes of crude steel and 1.67 million tonnes of saleable steel. after the implementation of massive modernisation and expansion the capacity of plant is increased to 4.5 million tonnes of hot metal and 4.2 Million Tonnes of Crude Steel.

Vijaynagar Steel Plant


the JSW group has the plant in 6 locations-vajayanagar in karnataka, dolvi in maharastra , vasind , kalmeshwar and salem in tamil nadu, and tarapur. they started manufacturing the in 1982.when the jindal iron and steel comp-any is setups with its first steel plant at vasind near mumbai. the global operations includes a pipe and plate mill.

Vishakhpatnam Steel Plant


this plant is also known as Vizag steel and founded in 1971.t is the largest single site plant in India .they are the integrated steel producer who built with the soviet and German technology. Their products are the bewst in the world market.the company was granted navratan status on 17 Nov 2010.the main focus of the company is in the production of the value added steel. In august they produced 214,000 tonnes, out of 252,000 tonnes total of saleable steel produced. The company has grown from a loss-making industry to 3-billion-dollar turnover company registering a growth of 203.6% in just four years.

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